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Classroom Teacher Trained to Meet Unique Learning Needs
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Highly Trained Classroom Teachers
Highly Trained Classroom Teachers

Teachers need specific training to support the unique cognitive and affective needs of advanced learners in their classrooms. Minneapolis Public Schools offers a continuum of courses and a yearlong certificate program based on the teacher preparation standards from the National Association for Gifted Children. These competencies include:

  • Understanding how language, culture, economic status, family background, and/or area of disability can influence the learning of individuals with gifts and talents 
  • How to create safe, inclusive, culturally responsive learning environments that engage individuals with gifts and talents in meaningful and rigorous learning activities and social interactions
  • How to design appropriate learning and performance modifications for individuals with gifts and talents that enhance creativity, acceleration, depth and complexity in academic subject matter and specialized domains
  • How to use assessment results to develop long- and short-range goals and objectives that take into consideration an individual’s abilities and needs, the learning environment, and other factors related to diversity