Enrichment for All Students
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Enrichment for All Students

Enrichment for All Students

"​​​​​​​​​All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent." -John F Kennedy


Enjoyable and challenging learning experiences that are constructed around students' interests, learning styles, and preferred modes of expression.  MPS offers enrichment opportunities for ALL students, as well as opportunities for students to expand on those areas of personal interest.


Enrichment for ALL (Level 1 Service)

All students have unique interests and learning preferences, and they benefit from exposure to possible new interest areas into, through and beyond the core curriculum. In partnership with support staff, families and the community, teachers modify, adapt and extend the core curriculum in response to interests and learning preferences.

Who: ALL students

What: Enrichment of core curriculum and exposure to possible areas of interest


  1. Frequent exposure to real-world interests through the core curriculum
  2. Assessment of interest and learning preferences
  3. Choices of learning activities within the core curriculum based on interest and/or learning preference
  4. Other enrichment opportunities like:
  • field trips (link to page with the highlighted below on it)
  •  service learning
  • guest speakers
  • residencies

When & Where: Throughout the school day within the classroom

For additional enrichment opportunities, please visit the parent resource page.

ALL students in MPS experience enrichment through the arts and sciences.

  • 1st Graders visit Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts
  • 2nd Graders see a Children’s Theater production
  • 3rd Graders visit the Minnesota Institute of Art
  • 4th Graders experience the Minnesota Orchestra
  • 5th Graders visit the Minnesota Zoo
  • 6th Graders visit the Walker Art Center
  • 7th Graders see a production at the Ordway
  • 8th Graders visit Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts
  • 9th Graders  see a production at the Guthrie Theater

For more information on these opportunities:


Taking interests to the next level (Level 2 Services)

Students deepen areas of interest through school-based enrichment opportunities. Students are encouraged to explore areas that provoke curiosity, thereby discovering unique strengths and talents.

Who: Any students showing an interest, propensity or achievement in a particular area

What: School based enrichment providing opportunity to deepen or extend an area of interest or strength

How: Students choose or are invited to participate in additional enrichment programming such as:

  • band/orchestra
  • Word/Math Masters
  • Destination Imagination
  • Clubs
  • Competitions (geography bee, knowledge bowl)
  • student council
  • interest projects
  • enrichment clusters

When & Where: Before, during and after school​​​​​​​​

*For more information on enrichment opportunities offered at your child’s school, please contact the school/classroom teacher.