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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why Wasn't My Child Identified?

There are three different ways a student can be identified as an Advanced Learner in MPS. These three pathways are described in detail under the Advanced Learner Identification Tab: http://talentdevelopment.mpls.k12.mn.us/advanced_learner_identification   

  • My Child Wasn't Identified and I Think They Should Have Been. What Are My Options?

In MPS, there is not an appeals process. However, students can be nominated for Advanced Learner screening each year through the fourth grade. Your child can be nominated to be screened again the following school year. Additionally, if your child has advanced learning needs in specific subjects, your school can still work with you to meet the needs of your child regardless of identification status. 

  • What does it mean to use local norms for identifications?

This means your child was screened for identification against the peers in their school building. We do not compare scores to students their age nationally or at a state level. This ensures the Advanced Learners identified in each building closely reflects the racial make-up of the school and communities population. 

  • What does it mean once my child has been identified as an Advanced Learner?

In MPS, identification is used for grouping Advanced Learners together with a teacher who has been trained through extensive PD to work with Advanced Learners. This is also a signal for your child's teacher letting them know your child will need access to the Advanced Differentiation Units that have been created to help differentiate for Advanced Learners when they understand the content the teacher has coming up. 

  • Who can I contact at my building with concerns about my Advanced Learner? 

The first person of contact should always be the classroom teacher. They are the one who sees your child daily and who can provide immediate help. If you believe your child's teacher to be unresponsive to you, you should reach out to your buildings principal. They can connect with your child’s teacher or help bring them in touch with the building’s Differentiation Specialist.