Advanced Learner Services K-8
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Services for Advanced Learners K-8

Services for Advanced Learners K-8

Advanced Learner Support in Daily Instruction (Level III Services)

Every MPS school has a plan to provide identified advanced learners with:

  • Opportunities to learn with like-ability peers through research-based grouping practices
  • A classroom teacher trained in advanced learner education who understands the unique needs of this population and how to meet those needs through effectively differentiated curriculum and instruction
  • Rigorous, challenging learning experiences through core curriculum that have been differentiated by adding depth, complexity, novelty, and sometimes acceleration


Accelerated and Individualized Plans (Level IV Services)

For some advanced learners, the services described above may not provide the intellectual demand or pace of learning that they need to make continued academic growth.  These students needs surpass the curricular enhancements and instructional pacing available in the grade level or subject area.

Office of Talent Development & Advanced Academics works with school level staff  and families to evaluate and develop plans to support these needs.  This might include: