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Support your advanced learner
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Support your advanced learner

Support your advanced learner

Which school is right for my advanced learner?
While all K-5 and K-8 schools in Minneapolis provide all levels of Talent Development services, each school offers different options for advanced learners.  For example certain schools may provide cluster grouping options for specific subjects so that advanced students can learn with like ability peers; other schools may provide high quality differentiation of curriculum and instruction for advanced learners in heterogeneous classrooms with flexible grouping within the classroom or across the grade level. All schools offer some form of Level I and II services to support students in pursuing areas of interests and specific talents.

Parents and guardians of advanced learners are encouraged to contact schools directly to find out what options exist for advanced learners at specific sites. The best way to find a good match for your advanced learner is to explore several schools that interest you and your child.

What are some good questions to ask as we look at different schools for our advanced learner?
Parents and children will want to know how the needs of advanced learners are met at each school of interest. However, there may be some other areas to consider as well. For example, advanced learners need time to learn and interact with like-ability peers. They also need opportunities to pursue specific areas of interest. MPS K-5 and K-8 schools offer a wide variety of academic and extracurricular programming, as well as magnet schools and schools with specific, innovative instructional models.  At this time, MPS does not offer a magnet school program specifically for advanced learners. Consider using the following questions to get you started:

  • How do you ensure that advanced learners receive appropriate academic challenge in math, reading, writing, social studies, and science?
  • Are advanced learners grouped together for instruction? If so, for what subjects and how often?
  • Are classroom teachers certified or in progress of getting certification in Talent Development and Advanced Learner Education?
  • How do you measure the growth of your advanced learners? How do you make sure that they are making consistent academic progress?
  • Do you provide advanced learners with opportunities to develop their interests? If so what clubs, contests, trips or other opportunities are there?

Our child was identified as gifted in another district and we are considering enrolling him/her in Minneapolis Public Schools. Will you accept the identification?
MPS will recognize students identified in other districts in most cases. We will review the assessment information provided by your previous district to determine what level of service would be most appropriate for him/her. Read more about identification in MPS on our website.

What are some ways I can support my student with distance learning? Advice from NAGC